I haven't updated this in a while, but things have happened!  First of all, I am no longer the kid who wrote everything below.
That was a year or more ago.  Things changed.  I now actually know how to do stuff!  I've also established my own website where I have a bit more control of things, and it is all hosted on a raspberry pi, which was fun to work with and set up.  I've also been working (while, was for a while) on something called Squadron 4, a 2D shooter with 'realistic' (newtonian) physics.  You can check all that out at my afore-mentioned website, michionlion.no-ip.org.




If you've found your way here... then you know that I'm a java amatuer.  Well, this is my dive into networking!
So, I've been working on Blockality, but also on the engine behind it.  It's a very, very simple engine, but I spent a long time looking for something like it, until I decided to make my own.  A couple things you'll need to know before trying it out:  I suggest you modify the source code to suit your needs, create more methods for interacting with 'Renderables' and 'Tickables'.  This is actually a slimmed down version from the one behind Blockality, with all my loose fat removed. :D  Anyways, here's the basics: the 'Game' class has your window creation, 'DrawArea' is a JComponent that handles rendering, and Entity is your Actor class.  Also, you have Input (for key input) and MouseInput, which only calls the mousePressed() method in Game.  Look around a bit, experiment, and you'll find the Animation class, and Image class, which are basically just bundled convenience classes.  One thing - the 'Art' class is very fiddly  and not very finished.  You have to add your art manually, one at a time, too.  Good luck on coding!

Oh - one thing I forgot: there's a readme file in the .zip, that explains how to use and implement the engine.  Keep in mind though, that this is by no means finished, and is just a start.  Also, there isn't really much documentation.

And, v23 of Blockality is also up there.  Have fun!
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Well, I've been working on Blockality a lot, and have finished the world part of it.  Placing and deleting blocks now works great, and the next step will be implements your characters.

Soo... yeah, I've been working on a lot of stuff lately.  CW3 beta, minecraft mods and java, but I found time to do a little playing of my own - here's a pic from my game (and it actually is a game now) Blockality.  As you can guess, it will have blocks.  But there might be some twists to the traditional sandbox...





I made a new java thing today-a guessing game.  Its pretty cool too, as I haven't been working with java for a while.  If you wanna look at it, you can download the whole package here, which includes the source code, the game itself, and a readme file.  Anyways, hope you enjoy!
I made my first REAL java program today.  It adds 2 numbers inputted from the user together!  I plan to make it into a calculator with GUI-but that's a little way off.  Anyways, if you would like to see it, you can download this, and follow the instructions in the readme file.
1.9 has been pre-released just a few moments ago!  Download.  Take the minecraft jar and put it in you bin folder.  You can find that by typing %appdata% into 'run', then going to .minecraft, then bin.  Replace the old one there with the one you just doewnloaded.  Have fun, and keep Minecraftin'!!
So excited!  The new free flash game from Knuckle Cracker is coming out today at 2:00pm EST on Kongregate (and hopefully here too!)  You can find it here (if i can host it): http://michionlion.weebly.com/creeper-world-user-space.html.

Otherwise go play on  Kongregate and help spread the word about CW!!